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Hagin Gets an RPM Boost

Chris Davies on 13th April 2022

UIM F2 World Championship racer Stefan Hagin has today announced his collaboration with Racing Performance Management (RPM) managed by Italian Alessandro Canzi for the 2022 season.

Speaking to PRW from his home in Germany Hagin told us


The priority this season will be a top three finish in the UIM F2 World Championship and to reach that goal we are ready to work hard. Having a team of technicians and mechanics who have previously won four F1H2O World Championship titles will be a huge step forward for me in my pursuit of that title.

Amongst this new team will be several key personnel from the former Team Qatar F1H2O Team including Alessandro Canzi, Technical Director and former radioman for Team Qatar who won the F1H2O Championship three times with them. Plus, the Electrical and Propeller Technician Stefano Luini along with the former UIM F3 and Offshore racer Angelo Cobianchi. Fritz Hagin will also be a key member of the team bringing with him his experience and great support.

Back in 2019 at the UIM F2 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Hagin and Canzi found they had common interests in how to improve the racing performance and the professional image of powerboat racing.


Canzi told PRW


There are lots of great drivers, attractive teams and enormous success in boat racing that must be promoted more and more. Hagin is a profoundly serious and professional driver that I’m happy to work with.

RPM was established and is managed by Alessandro Canzi along with the Latvian lawyer Baiba Veisa to develop powerboat racing with a professional technical vision and adding additional values to sports in general.

Baiba Veisa, seen here at the F1H2O London Grand Prix is also the Vice President of the Austrian based European Fair Play Movement (EFPM) created back in 1994, with its main aim to promote Fair Play and Tolerance in the broadest sense (in sports and everyday life) at European level.


She of course is no stranger to powerboat racing having worked as the Secretary General of Latvian Watersports Federation from 2002 to 2007.


She then continued as Secretary General of UIM contracted powerboat promoter company – Formula World Sports Dubai.

Hagin will continue to be supported by ROWE HIGHTEC marine lubricants and will campaign a brand-new DAC hull. With the ROWE PowerBoat Team, the lubricant manufacturer ROWE MINERALÖLWERK GMBH will continue their involvement in the most demanding racing series in powerboat racing.

ROWE’s current moto is ‘Raise The Limit’ which is what the team now intend to do.

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