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Will 2023 be an F2 Fiasco?

Chris Davies on 10th May 2023

With a little over six weeks before the start of the 2023 UIM F2 World Championship teams are still very much in the dark as to whether the first round set to run in Brindisi will actually take place.

The second-round venue of Cariati, due a week after Brindisi has already disappeared from the UIM calendar potentially leaving just three races starting in Klaipeda, Lithuania in early August followed by two races in Portugal in mid-September.

Jamey Stallard from JRM Racing, who came over to Tonsberg had plenty to say about this fiasco.


“Is it really seven months after the last round of the 2022 UIM F2 World Championship? And still the world is in the dark as to the final positions of the competitors as the UIM cannot work it out! At long last I believe the last ICA hearing has concluded with a decision which will enable the final standing positions to be announced and prize monies issued.”

“Seven months since the engine measuring shambles commenced and still the F2 teams are waiting for confirmation on how to measure their engines. First, COMINTECH for their wisdom didn’t even understand the UIM rules in the BLUE pages, or how to measure ports correctly, even after having been told by a senior UIM delegate that they were wrong.”


“Yet again our ‘technical’ committee (COMINTECH) have not helped F2. We were promised that we would have approval to the method of measurements within a week of the drivers vote to be added as a directive to accompany the Homologation File. Some five weeks have past and Mikael Lundblad the President of COMINTECH has now requested more information in a different format than the one that was sent to him after our vote.”


“Last week the response from the head of  COMINTECH was ‘I’m too busy’ and he wants the voted measurement amendment to be set out differently than what it was presented to him! I have suggested that the teams ask the Formula Committee Chairman Chris Loney to write immediately to COMINTECH asking for their exact requirement so we can get this sorted without further delay.”


“Ok, so 2023 looks like a three-round championship. It is what it is, so we have to make one hundred percent sure that these events are as successful as they can by supporting them in whatever way we can.”


“I have contacted potential event organisers with a view to the 2024 season, both in mainland Europe and the UK. Hopefully, we can direct them to the UIM to carry out the correct procedures to request a calendar date and then get a contract of intent signed immediately before the dates are ‘rubber stamped’. Probably to the distaste of the UIM Secretary General Thomas Kurth but what’s he done for us this year?”


“COMINTECH as I’ve said before has almost killed F2. How can anyone in F2 sell themselves to sponsors without knowing if their engines are legal to compete in 2023? How can we tell the world where we actually finished in 2022 championship? How can we present a credible sport to people if the UIM show complete lack of competence and cannot even produce a confirmed calendar for 2023?”


“Yes, there are some UIM delegates who have and are still trying to resolve these issues, but they along with anyone who asks the UIM ‘hierarchy’ for answers are either met with silence or brushed aside accused of making waves.”

“Well I think it’s time the so-called governing body was hit with a seriously large wave, that should wash away the incompetence within the UIM.”

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