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Can they all be Wrong?

Frode Sundsdal on 19th September 2022

Yesterday we witnessed some of the finest racing in years. The F2 teams has reached a very high level of professionalism.


Some teams are racing for government entities, others are members of Fair Play organizations. It was time to decide who would be the 2022 World Champion. 

The first driver to finish on the water was Norwegian Tobias Munthe-Kaas.


His first ever victory.


2nd was Edgaras Riabko and 3rd Stefan Hagin.  


When Race Director Pelle Larsson entered the podium ceremony area, he was given new photo evidence of Riabko’s start.

It resulted in a delayed price giving and a one lap penalty for the Lithuanian demoting him to 10th and Team Sharjah driver Sami Seliö was promoted to third.


Riabko told PRW:

The decision made by the Race Director is wrong, and I will protest to the race jury and launch an appeal with the UIM If I must.

It got worse.

In post inspection of the engines, race winner Munthe-Kaas was disqualified.

He explained to PRW:

We have had this motor checked repeatedly.

It has always passed inspections.

The way they carry out the inspection and the UIM Technical inspectors’ interpretation of the rules is wrong.

We will protest the decision and follow up in all instances.

Second on the podium and World Champion elect was Team ROWE / RPM driver Stefan Hagin and his team released a comment after Hagin was disqualified:

Stefan Hagin and Team ROWE / RPM has submitted the protest that was denied by jury commission.

This decision will be appealed to UIM according to the UIM Rulebook.

Tonight, Stefan’s engine has been locked to be sent and re-measured in proper conditions. Stefan Hagin and Team ROWE / RPM ever supports fair race.

Third place finisher in the race Seliö was later also disqualified for running an illegal motor.

He was busy to writing-up all the legal papers and would not give PRW any comment, but his face told all – He was very unhappy with the situation.

PRW asked, will you file a protest?

He nodded.


Over the last two weeks 4 different drivers have been disqualified for engine infringements.

All 4 motors have been built by different engineers.

WE know that other teams are using the same technicians – Can all these engine builders all be wrong?

PRW conclusion:

The UIM F2 World Championship 2022 season is not over and the process of appeals and re-checking the engine parts could drag on for months, even in to next year.

We have made an update to the article. 

Official announcement from Stefan Hagin and Team ROWE / RPM powerboat:

After taking second place in UIM F2 World Championship Vila Velha de Rodao GP, and winning overall UIM Formula 2 World Championship 2022, and 5 hours of engine inspection, we have been DSQ from last race due to technical issue.

Highly considering reputation issues and showing professionalism in whole season, Team ROWE / RPM powerboat is sure that was racing fair, its engine was completely legal, had not any illegal modifications and with great respect to other competitors.

Due to this fact was submitted the protest that was denied by jury commission at night after inspections.
The Jury decision will be appealed to UIM according to the UIM Rulebook. Meanwhile it will be requested to provide in-depended technical inspection in presence of professional engineer having successful experience with Mercury engines.

Accordingly Stefan’s engine has been packed, locked with signatures of team manager and UIM commissioner to be sent and re-measured in proper conditions.

Stefan Hagin and Team ROWE / RPM powerboat with great respect to competitors and sports supports fair race and fair play.

Thank You.

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