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Edgaras Riabko won his F2 ICA appeal.

Chris Davies on 20th February 2023

After a long 5month wait, Edgaras Riabko‘s hard work and dedication finally paid off. The Lithuanian driver was awarded the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (ICA) appeal result, overturning his disqualification from the UIM F2 Championship race held in Vila Vela De Roao, Portugal.

The race had seen multiple winners, with Norwegian driver Tobias Munthe Kaas crossing the line first, but ultimately disqualified for an illegal engine. After a long night, American driver Brent Dillard was awarded the win.


Then, the news came out that Stefan Hagin, who was also disqualified for an illegal engine, had won his appeal. He finished second in the race, but was initially awarded first place. But with the result of the appeal from Edgaras Riabko, Stefan was pushed back to second position overall, while he still kept his UIMF2 World Championship title. In the end, Edgaras received a yellow card instead of a disqualification, making it his first international victory abroad since his win from Kupiskis two years ago.


Pelle Larsson, the UIM Race Director, commented on the decision, stating that the fivemonth wait was the biggest disaster of all. But for Edgaras, it was a moment of triumph, with his hard work and dedication finally being rewarded.

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