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TheRaceFactory Trains Powerboat Pilots to Success in Norway

Tony Blom-Pettersen on 17th August 2023

TheRaceFactory, a renowned race team and training center for powerboat pilots, continues to spearhead the development of powerboat racing in Norway. With German Stefan Hagin, the 2022 UIM F2 World Champion, as their Technical Director, the organization’s training methods have yielded impressive results.

TheRaceFactory boasts a fleet of six high-performance boats, including four F2 boats – two of which are DAC racing boats built in Italy – and twoF2 and 2 F4 boats build by Mollgaard in Danmark. These boats are specifically utilized for race and race training purposes, ensuring that pilots receive the best possible experience and guidance.


The recent success of Australian powerboat racing driver, Sam Lucas, in the F2 World Championship is a testament to TheRaceFactory’s dedication and expertise. Lucas’ outstanding performance can be attributed to the rigorous training programs provided by TheRaceFactory.

Adding to their list of achievements, TheRaceFactory proudly announces its newest client, Mohamed Alhammadi, a 35-year-old Arab powerboat racing driver from Abu Dhabi. Alhammadi recently spent a week in Norway, undergoing training at TheRaceFactory. He expressed his delight with the experience, stating,


“I walked into a dream. TheRaceFactory is everything I imagined it to be – very professional, with stunning looking boats and excellent coaching. Learning from Mr. Frode on how to maximize speed in every corner was an incredible experience.”

Frode Sundsdal, the owner of TheRaceFactory, commended Alhammadi’s progress during his training.

“He was a quick learner,” said Sundsdal. “During the test on our track, he showcased exceptional skills, second to none. With his impressive track record of 3100 successful skydives in Dubai, it is clear that Alhammadi possesses something truly special. We were particularly impressed with his remarkable balance skills.”

TheRaceFactory’s reputation continues to attract aspiring powerboat pilots from all over the world, who travel to Norway to seek their expertise and training. Stefan Hagin, who is currently occupied with his role as Technical Director, stated,


“I believe we have tapped into a huge market. The demand for our training programs has been overwhelming. I am thrilled with the positive response.”


Hagin, who is also the defending UIM F2 World Champion, expressed his satisfaction with his involvement at TheRaceFactory.


“I genuinely enjoy what I do, so I must say I’m quite content,” said Hagin. “This year, my wife Ieva and I decided to switch roles, as she has raced and tested extensively. It’s been a rewarding experience to see the positive results in the drivers we coach. It seems like we may need to expand our operations to accommodate the growing demand.”


TheRaceFactory’s commitment to excellence and the development of powerboat racing in Norway has cemented their position as one of the leading training centers in the industry. With their outstanding facilities, expert coaching, and impressive fleet of boats, they continue to shape and nurture the next generation of powerboat pilots. Are you the next one ? 

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