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Race For Peace

Chris Davies on 24th July 2022

You might have noticed that down the sponsons of the brand-new DAC run by Stefan Hagin are the words ‘Peace’ in several different languages. When PRW spoke to him with his new team Racing Performance Management headed up by team manager Alex Canzi, he explained the significance of the wording along with a rather hallowing story to do with his Ukrainian race helmet designer.

For several years now I have been getting a graphic designer, Chernyak Design, who is based in Ukraine to produce the designs I have on my race helmets. Then I saw that because he’s in the warzone and he had made two helmets which were sold, and he used the money to help people who were hurt in the war.

There was one story, which almost broke my heart, because he told me that a twenty-three-year-old girl had lost her whole family in the war. Then just recently she was hiding in a shopping centre with some other people and the Russians struck it with a missile attack and the girl lost her leg.

So, now he has made some new helmets and with the money he gets from selling those and some sponsoring money from some of the teams he gives the money to support her.


At the moment it’s impossible to get helmets out from Ukraine so he sends his designs to a company based in Italy who then produce them and supplies the drivers.


More of his work can be seen at

The logo on the sponsons was a team decision but Hagin explained the reason.

We were just thinking because there is a lot of terrible things happen at the moment in the world not only in Ukraine, there a lot more war which maybe not so much in the news. We then decided together that we don’t make only a statement for Ukraine but one for the entire world, that’s our message what we wanted to show different languages down the side of my boat. We will have the word Peace in all the languages where we race and also foe all the different team members we have.

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