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Stefan, F2 Worldchampion

Tony Blom-Pettersen on 3rd December 2022

Stefan Hagin is finally crowned the UIM F2 Worldchampionship 2022. Yesterday Thomas Kurth send the confirmation letter. 


The letter started, and ended from Secretary Thomas Kurth:


Dear Stefan, We have received the results and pertaining report of the engine measurement procedure conducted at the Carl Zeiss facilities in Eskilstuna and have the pleasure to inform you that your engine resulted to be compliant with the provisions of the UIM Regulations.

We ask you to apologize for the inconvenience this lengthy procedure may have caused to you and your Team.

We spoke to the Team Manager, Alex


Today is another important day in my life, for the ninth time in my career my team is once again Powerboat World Champion. 8 times my successes have taken place in the top Formula 1 category, 4 of which in the management of the Qatar Team, today this result has a different flavor. For some years now, Baiba Veisa and I have decided to put our experiences and strengths to try to build a team. I made my investment and together we founded the RPM team 🇮🇹🇱🇻, acronym of Racing Performance Management.


We signed an agreement with Stefan Hagin because I considered him a serious , fast , sincere and respectful driver , above all with a winning talent . We immediately had a good feeling with him . He proved that with good management he could win and make his dream come true.


The new DAC boat was an excellent choice, once again DAC proved to be a perfect product so thanks to DAC and all its stuff starting from Guido Cappellini and all collaborators. Thanks also to Nico and Robertino , for the engine technical support in Europe .

While my sincere and immense congratulations go to Brendan Power, you are still the number one engine engineer, you and I will be together again in f1.


For technical and strategic logistic support I had the support of my right and left arm: Stefano Luini (Steban), a person who has lived by my side for 25 years, an irreplaceable friend, an exemplary technician and moral support. Angelo Cobianchi (the mayor) was a logistical support, a very good technician, an older brother and a man of great experience.


In the team I then met Ieva , Tom , Micky , Michael and Friz wonderful people , friends who deserve my respect .


I have tried to make my experience, passion, intellect and professionalism available in a category that is totally new to me, from the regulation to the technique to the strategy. I worked hard and with a lot of passion and finally I managed to crown another important personal success , even more beautiful because everything was new in the new f2 category , a new challenge to face .


I owe an important thank you to Baiba Veisa, a professional, serious person, a partner of extreme trust and with whom I shared all the ideas, she was an important support for me and for everyone, she put that touch of elegance to the team, her advice has always been important and I have to say that she worked hard as a team member too.


I am proud that she is the Team Principal of Team Rowe-RPM, now Formula 2 World Champion. I left her last in the acknowledgments, because we won this title last, also thanks to her work as a lawyer in having managed the defense of our disqualification in the appeal phase very well and perfectly.


Guido Cappellini taught me that races are won in winter, in private tests and also out of the water…. he was right again…., we started with the project in January and finished it in november , with engine measurement in Sweden.

Now what is important is to have won this important UIM F2 world champion title, in full legality and to demonstrate that the Rowe-RPM team supports EVER the values ​​of fair play and legality.


From tomorrow we must continue to work concentrated to improve because our competitors are very professional and performing, however BIG thank UIM, the commissioner, the people who deal with the safety of the drivers, the media and who work to promote the new races, above all we say to the new generations drivers , believe in your dreams because with determination and passion one day they become reality!

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