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Jamey attacks UIM

Tony Blom-Pettersen on 20th December 2022 was contacted by the President and owner of JRM Racing, Jamey F Stallard. Mr Stallard wanted to issue a statement in regards to the UIM´s lack of following their own rules.

On 12th September 2022 we posted a story on PRW; Statement from JRM Racing

 Mr Stallard said that time:


It is with deep embarrassment that I write this on behalf of JRM Racing

Jamey is not so humble this time around, an he attack the UIM in his open letter witch is sent to the F2 Team assosiation and direct to the secretary of the UIM, Thomas Kurth.


PRW : Is this a re match on the decition where Stefan Hagin was announced UIM F2 Worldchampion on the 3rd of Desember Jamey ? 


Absolutly NOT. Stefan is awarded World F2 Champion 2022. But when you look at the way UIM has handle this case its a tragedy. My issue is not even the fact that we have lost JRM Racing´s first win on the UIM F2 WC. My issue is that the UIM is not even, as I understand it following their own rules.

The statement posted in this story is copy pasted from JRM Racing / Jamey F Stallard. The UIM has recived the statement this morning, and been given an possibility to replay to the statement. When we will have a replay, we will post it.

Engine Measuring

As a Team Owner and elected deputy chair of the F2TA. I feel it my duty to advise teams and drivers of my of understanding of the way our 2022 world championship final positions were arrived at following the Re Measuring ofengines following appeals to the jury decision at the final round in Villa Vehla Rodeo, regarding engine conformity within the 2022 Rules covering the Series Formula 2.


As a team that has been penalised for Rule infringement during this season and the resulting statement I made of my beliefs and determination in upholding the rules of our sport, I find it quite alarming that our own Governing Body has not followed Rules that they have set out, and normally fully impose those rules upon us.


Read the Rule book is always our guidance from them.

Are the UIM members of the IOC ? What criteria is set by The IOC for recognized organizations ?


I think you will all see, the rules have not been followed by persons charged with upholding the Rules at Re measure on the 2nd November 2022 at the Carl Zeiss Company Sweden for appeals made against port dimensions.


First of all we need to understand the Rules that are set out in the English Language and must be read in that manner.  Incorrect translation and resulting interpretation are not acceptable. Rules in determining engine Port conformity as follow.

White Pages Rules (General Rules)


(Relevant sections shown)

Verification of motors in restricted series is carried out according to the facts contained in the homologation file.


At world record runs, world championships and continental championships, inspection of the winning motor is compulsory.


2. The measurements stated in the homologation sheet must be checked on the motor. If the results are within the specified tolerances the motor should be accepted as legal. Only adjustments to meet dimensions shown in the homologation sheet are allowed.


3. When ports in cylinders are adjusted to the dimensions specified in the homologation sheet, material may only be removed in the specified opening to a depth of 10 mm, to match the shape of the original adjacent connecting passage (channel) outside the adjusted port opening. This also applies to other openings in the motor for which the dimensions are specified in the homologation sheet. For two stroke engines, ports in the cylinder shall be measured 1 mm in from the cylinder wall surface if nothing else is stated in the homologation file.


This Rule States, for two stroke engines, ports in the cylinder shall be measured 1mm in from the cylinder wall surface ;


“if nothing else is stated in the homologation file.”

Blue Pages Rule (Specific to series Rules)

Mainly 8.2.1 ( relevant section shown)


8.2.1 The SST.200 engine may not be modified in any manner other than the cylinder block, which be modified according to the measurements in the homologation file, file number 00501.


When ports in cylinders are adjusted to the dimensions specified in the homologation sheet, material may only be removed in the specified opening to a depth of 10 mm, to match the shape of the original adjacent connecting passage (channel) outside the adjusted port opening.


Homologation File 00501. Relating to Series rule

The above exert from the Homologation file directed in the Blue Series pages of the rule book states ;


Spread out sketch of The “cylinder- wall”with location and dimension measurements of the scavenging ports noted.


NB. No mention of 1mm into the port !


Only states dimensions at the cylinder wall.


Thus the white General rule conflicts with the Blue rule over the point where dimensions are taken.

Blue Page Series Rule. 200.02



In all cases unforeseen by the international rules, the international jury is to adjudicate bearing in mind the spirit of the rules.


In case of conflicting rules, those rules concerning the Championship as published in the blue pages of the Circuit Rules Handbook are to prevail.

This Rule States in case of conflicting rules as the situation arises here about where a dimension is taken then the blue pages will override the white pages.


As I’ve been given the result certificate produced by the Carl Zeiss Company shown below, you can see that the dimension of the port in question and subjected to a re measure is 0.3376 Oversize at the cylinder surface where the rules state the dimension should be taken.

The direction of measure and all Instructions were given by the UIM official overseeing the Appeal ReMeasure .


My conclusion being that the Remeasure results have not been inturpreted correctly by the person that we should have faith in to uphold the Rules.


On another direction regarding the Rules.


403.05 – JUDGEMENT

Decisions by the Jury shall be reached by simple majority of votes. In the case of equal votes, the Chairman’s vote will be the casting vote.

In the event of a protest, penalties may be agreed, rejected or changed by the jury. If a protest is upheld by the Jury, the fee must be returned to the protester.




Any Judgement pronounced by the Jury stays in effect until altered by the UIM International Court of Appeal.


Was there an ICA to determine the results of the re measure appeal ? I believe not from my source.

The Rules are there and it’s time that F2 and the UIM adhered to those rules to allow everyone partaking in the Series to have the same opportunities as each and every competitor with regard to the power units.


At last we Now have the correct procedures for technical inspection in place at all venues and we know the correct rules to measure to at the venues, to follow the Rules that are clear to see In the Rule book.


Furthermore if you were to measure the port in question to the 1mm rule, it would deem most engines non compliant, even standard engines.
The 1mm rule in the General white pages was only introduced to prevent the measuring of chamfer or blends in port openings and not a definitive point to measure to.


I can only determine all the above as the rules are written and to the information that has been given to me. Mistakes are made by all human beings . As long as we learn from our mistakes and act in an appropriate manner to achieve our goals.


Jamey F Stallard
JRM Racing

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