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Exclusive interview with Stefan Hagin, UIM F2 Worldchampion

Frode Sundsdal on 4th March 2023

Stefan Hagins was in the middle of a media storm after he had been subject to numerous erroneous decisions during the UIM F2 World Championship. He had worked hard to achieve the title but was now facing the possibility of losing it due to the mistakes of the UIM officials.


The media had been asking questions and trying to get a response from him, but Stefan had kept quiet until now. He was today finally ready to speak and was determined to tell his story. In his first interview since the decisions, Stefan opened up about the difficult journey he had been through. He spoke about the pain of having to fight for his title for a several month and the anguish of knowing that he might not be able to earn from the title.


Despite the disappointment, Stefan remained positive and determined. He will continue to fight no matter what.


He also thanked the team and his wife for their support and said that he was now confident that he could come back stronger than ever thanks also to the support of his main sponsor, Rowe Oil.


The interview showes everyone that Stefan is still determined to win championship. He had faced a difficult situation but he had come out of it with his head held high and a renewed sense.

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