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Kupiskis UIMF2 aftermovie

Tony Blom-Pettersen on 18th December 2022

Edgaras Riabko hosted only 1 UIMF2 Worldchampionship round in 2022. Smart, since it turned out to be the best event of the year for the F2 class.

Edgaras Riabko made an huge effort when he hosted the Kupiskis event, consert, VIP setup, a great livestream and now the aftermovie. is a firm beliver in hosting 1 great event, rather that a double header, witch normally turnes out to be 2 back to back races with 50% effort in each race.


Frode Sundsdal told PRW this morning :


The UIM and F2 class is so keen on events, that they excepts any event that wants to host a round of the UIMF2 Worldchampionship. During the pandemics we had no choice, and a great thanks to the organizers who stepped up, but I think that is wrong to continue, and it have to stop. The class it self provides great racing, and deserves nothing but the best. In my opinion its wrong to host back to back races. All effort of a hosting country have to go into one event, trust me, I know how much work it is to produce a proper event like Edgaras did here. Well done to him and his team.

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