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Pole is not enough

Frode Sundsdal on 6th March 2022

Team Abu Dhabi’s #4 Shaun Torrente and Faleh Al Mansoori posted Pole position in front of #Six – Matteo Nicollini and Tomaso Polli. Third on the grid is HPI Racing. 

A second pole position in two days is however not the big news today. Team Abu Dhabi and two other teams got DSQ yesterday, and during this morning’s hearing the race officials revoked the DSQ.


A normal time penalty is 30 seconds, according to the rules – We got 2 laps and 6 minutes added to our results explained Shaun Torrente!

Every action has a reaction


The next on the scedule now is round 2 of the UIM Xcat Worldchampionship, 15.00 h local AUE time. My question is, will Team Abu Dhabi line up to race from Pole ?

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