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Frode Sundsdal on 6th March 2022

Team Abu Dhabi pulls both boats from the 2022 XCat Powerboat World Championships.

Round 2 of the UIM XCat World cChampionship will start at 15.00 local time without the Pole Position sitter, boat #4 Shaun Torrente and Faleh Al Mansoori. The team from Abu Dhabi has decided to leave the championship, and they have removed both boats from the championship. 



We have left. Team Abu Dhabi has now decided to withdraw permanently from the 2022 XCat Powerboat World Championships. Make the story if you want.



The Victory Team did not even show up to the opening round; we have reason to believe it’s partly due to the political situation surrounding XCat now. The Russian New Star Racing were unable to compete due to the situation in Ukraine. Now Team Abu Dhabi have packed up their gear, and they are going home with their two-boat team. The era of two boat teams has probably now ended, whether that’s a positive is not clear and only time will tell where this series is heading.

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